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Radiant Barrier

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Direct Comfort Insulation - Radiant Barrier

Here at Direct Comfort Insulation, we can give your home a radiant barrier that will save you money over time. Is your home getting too hot during the summer months and the cooling cost is getting out of hand? Then a radiant barrier might be the solution that you are looking for, we have a professional and experienced team of insulation contractors ready and waiting to give your home a radiant barrier. give us a call on the number above if you would like to know more.


What is a radiant barrier?

A radiant barrier is a layer of reinforced aluminum foil that is fitted on the inside of your roof, facing the building's airspace. Reinforced aluminum foil is the perfect material for this purpose as we need a material that will not absorb the heat but will reflect it. If you would like to know more about radiant barriers and how they can benefit you here in Lubbock, Texas then please pick up the phone and give us a call on the number above. Or you could leave us a message by completing the contact form found on our website, we would be happy to help.


How a radiant barrier can help you

There are many benefits and reasons for you to get a radiant barrier installed in either your home or place of business. A radiant barrier is a one-off purchase with zero annual costs, that will last for a very long time, it will also add value to your property should you decide to put it on the market. Radiant barriers also require no maintenance, are durable, and help prevent mold growth, but the most important benefits are the reduction in the energy needed to regulate the temperature.


Use a professional service such as ourselves

If you are seriously considering getting a radiant barrier for your property here in Lubbock, Texas then we highly recommend calling us here at Direct Comfort Insulation or a similar trusted and respected company for other parts of the country. Our team of insulation and radiant barrier installers have seen it all, and have the resources and equipment to ensure your radiant barrier is safe and effectively installed. So what are you waiting for? give us a call on the number above or leave us a message by completing the contact form on our website.


Health and safety

When installing a radiant barrier it is vitally important that it is done correctly and safely. Our installation team are very good at what they do and have been installing radiant barriers and other forms of insulation with great success for many years. So you can rest assured and be confident that our installation team will follow all health and safety protocols and policies that we have in effect, as we strictly follow the industry recommended health and safety standards. If you have any health and safety concerns, please get in touch we would be happy to put your mind at ease.

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